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Propstack Insights: The PBD Decision

The Peripheral Business Districts (PBDs) have always been a choice for companies looking for large affordable spaces. Central Business District (CBD) locations – which have been the hub of business activity have mostly been touted as the costliest locations for commercial leasing. We tried to compare the rental difference between CBD and PBD micromarkets for… Read More »

Propstack Insights: Half Million Club- Q1 2017 – Top Leasing Markets

Nine micromarkets across top 7 Indian cities recorded leasing activity more than 0.5 msf in the first quarter this year. OMR-I and OMR -II micromarkets in Chennai together contributed to more than 2 msf absorption in a single quarter. Apart from Chennai, both Mumbai and Pune had two micromarkets driving the demand higher than half… Read More »

Propstack Insights: CRE Vacancy Status – India Q1-17

In Q1 2017, all major southern cities of India – Bangalore, Hyderabad and Chennai, along with Pune had low vacancies. So, all these CRE markets were mostly Landlord Favourable. Noida and Gurgaon were more Occupier Favourable due to high vacancies and more options available to occupiers. Mumbai maintained neutral stance during the quarter with median vacancy… Read More »

Propstack Insights: Mumbai leasing surpasses 2.5 msf in Q1-17

The year started on a high-note for CRE industry in Mumbai. More than 2.5 msf of space was leased in Q1 2017. Western and Eastern Suburban locations together contributed to nearly 50% of the leasing in first quarter. *Grade A data only and Includes renewals To get more CRE market insights login to www.propstack.com