Colombo most suited to be South Asia’s commercial hub: Port City Project official

Sri Lankan capital Colombo is the most suitable to be South Asia’s commercial hub, says Liang Thow Ming, Chief Marketing Officer of the US$ 1.4 billion Colombo Port City project being
executed by the China Harbor Engineering Company (CHEC) .

Liang told this correspondent that Colombo is not only South Asia’s cleanest and the most livable city, it is also the capital of a country which has no quarrels with any of the nations in South Asia. That makes Colombo an ideal place  to create and run a regional commercial hub, he added.

People from all parts of South Asia can come to Sri Lanka and do business here without issues relating to their nationality, Liang pointed out, in a veiled reference to problems between India and Pakistan which hinder free movement of goods, services and people between the two countries.


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